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When I first saw the "World's Best Halter" I was intrigued enough by the "instant control system" that I wanted to try one. Wow, I am really glad I did!

My wife Bonnie, also a professional horse trainer, and I really like how quickly we have control of our horse. It's much quicker than the conventional belt buckle style halter and it's even quicker to put on than the nylon rope halters we had used for years and it's much stronger.

If a horse pulls away from our rope halters we sometimes have to cut them loose…Not the case with the "WBH" halter. This Halter is very strong even when we do the quick catch by attaching only one "stainless steel Button". If we are starting a young 2 yr. old we will attach both SS Buttons for extra strength. We also love the fact that we always have control of the horse even when lengthening or shortening the WBH.

One of the surprise benefits of using this halter is that we never realized that it is the perfect halter for children to use. Our young students can place this halter on their horse with much less effort than trying to "thread the needle" so to speak with the conventional halters. It's also much easier to take it off as well.

Lastly, we appreciate the fact the "WBH" halter is made of the finest quality materials and EVERY metal part is Stainless Steel AND it is American made! This halter should last for years to come!
–Larry Darnell
(AQHA world show finalist multiple times. Congress champion. Multiple time palomino world champion.
Appaloosa world champion trained multiple world and congress champions. USTRC champion)

Thanks Danny! Just love this halter! Stainless steel hardware and American made. Very easy to put on a horse and holds up in extreme conditions. I'm recommending it to all my clients.
–Bobby Kerr
(Winner of 2012 Supreme Mustang Makeover)

My name is Dale Witherspoon, and I have been a professional horse trainer for the past sixty-three years and I love what I do! After all these years, I have discovered that horse training is a never-ending school . . . for me and the horse!

I have trained countless horses over the years in a number of disciplines. But over the last twenty-five years, I have spent most of my time starting the young two- to three-year-olds that their owners are ready to jump on and ride into the sunset!

Well as you can imagine, these young horses are full of energy. Many of them are not even lead broke, so I need all the help I can get when getting them ground ready. If I can't teach this horse great ground manners and respect for me, then I'm not about to mount him and expect him to act any better once I'm in the saddle.

I'm always on the lookout for new products that will aid in the process of making horse training fun for me and the horse. I still purchase videos from some of the well-known trainers for any new tips I can learn from these "young" guys.

When one of my clients, Danny Shelton, offered for me to use one of his new World's Best Halters,
I immediately said yes and here's why:

1. I saw, for the first time in my life, an equine halter that you never lose control of the horse while lengthening or shortening the halter.

2. This halter is called the "quick catch." The buckle does not have a latch that needs to be threaded through the hole before control takes place. As soon as the head strap passes through the buckle of the halter - you are in control of the horse!

3. And the icing on the cake is that there are no movable parts . . . nothing to bend, rust, or break!

As you can imagine I have lost a lot of valuable time in the last sixty-three years trying to place halters on untrained or unwilling participants.

I can truly vouch for the World's Best Halter as a product that will save lots of time and potential accidents!

–Dale Witherspoon

PS . . . By the way, I am not being paid for this recommendation.
I am saying this because I believe in the results of the World's Best Halter!

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