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WB Halter
    of your horse when lengthening or shortening the halter

  • NO WAITING until you can get
    the latch set–immediate control of horse while adjusting

  • Now available with or without the stainless steel adjustable chin strap


  • Instant Control Locking System featuring stainless steel buckle and four stainless steel buttons

  • Young children can put the halter on their ponies all by themselves!

  • Extremely easy for physically handicapped youth to put on and take off their own halters.

  • WB Halter can be put on or taken off your horse in the coldest of weather WITHOUT removing your gloves

About the World's Best Halter

A New Revolutionary 21st Century Equine Halter!

I think we would all agree that almost everything in life has changed dramatically over the last 100 years or so . . . right? Just over a century ago we didn't have automobiles, electricity, airplanes, refrigeration, modern heating, or air conditioning and no radio, television, or computers! Most people in the USA didn't even have indoor plumbing!
And guess what? NO ONE had a smart phone!

There are only a few things that have had little or no change at all in the last 100 years.
Two things that you will immediately recognize as having changed very little over the last 100 years are:

1. The standard equine halter with the "belt buckle" fastener.
2. Horse shoeing!

Now, I can't help you with horse shoeing, but I can bring you into the 21st century when it comes to Equine horse halters! We know that many people are hurt every year in Equine accidents. Many of those accidents occur when a person tries to lengthen or shorten the size of the halter while it is still on the horse. Once you unlatch the buckle…your horse is FREE . . . you have no control of him until you are able to latch the buckle again! But in many cases it's too late . . . the horse is long gone!

Let me ask you:

1. What if there were a NEW revolutionary equine halter where you NEVER lose control of your horse when lengthening or shortening the halter?

2. What if there were a halter that as soon as you place the strap through the buckle-your horse is under control? No waiting until you can get the latch to go through that tiny hole, because every second counts, especially when dealing with a young or untrained horse! (That's right . . . no latch to thread through the tiny holes in the head strap which loses time and control of your horse!)

3. What if the 21st century buckle had no movable or breakable parts . . . And was handcrafted right here in America?

All horse people know that once a halter has been on a horse for awhile, a number of things happen.

Due to outside elements–the movable parts of the halter such as chin buckle and head buckle, become hard to deal with when it comes to adjusting. (How many of you have a number of halters hanging in your barn that is so stiff you can't really use them.. but you hate to throw them away? The nylon is still in good shape . . . but the buckle definitely needs to be replaced!)

One tiny movable latch on the buckle is not very much to hold a one-thousand pound horse! Resistance from the horse whether in the pasture or while tied up for his bath, can bend this little latch on the head buckle, causing it to be almost impossible to fasten. I could go on, but I think most of you have "been there, done that!"

Why continue to go through halter after halter when you can buy a halter that keeps you from ever losing control of your horse as soon as the strap goes through the buckle…and the buckle has no moving parts and it will never bend, or break?  And EVERY metal part on the entire halter is made of stainless steel! There are no cheap cast metals that will bend or break! The patented (U.S. Pat. No. 9,427,049 B2) Instant Control Locking System is made of 12 gauge stainless steel!

Here's the good news: This halter exists and is available NOW!
This patented amazing 21st century halter with all these qualities is called: "World's Best Halter" (rightfully so) and is hand crafted by the Amish right here in the USA!

Click here to watch an informational video and see this incredible halter "in action!" 

I know you are going to love your new World's Best Halter! Why not order yours today?

Danny Shelton
Founder/Inventor of World's Best Dream Halter

U.S. Pat. No. 9,427,049 B2


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