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New Halter
    of your horse when lengthening
    or shortening the halter

  • NO WAITING until you can get
    the latch set–immediate control
    of horse while adjusting

  • Now available with or without the stainless steel adjustable chin strap


  • Instant Control Locking System featuring stainless steel buckle and four stainless steel buttons

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Have you ever had a dream that was so real, when you woke up, you were surprised to find it was actually a dream?

Well, that's what happened to me. I had a dream that was so real, when I woke up, I instantly continued my train of thought from the dream!

I dreamed I was talking to someone who said to me, "Isn't it amazing that everything in life has changed in the last 100-150 years?" Then he continued, "Well, you would know that because you work in high-tech equipment everyday in your television network". Then I heard myself, in the dream, say to this anonymous person . . . "Not everything in life has changed. I can think of two things that have not changed in the last 100 years or so . . . horseshoeing and horse halters. I can't help you with shoeing horses, BUT I have invented a new horse halter that will revolutionize the equine industry. It has an instant control locking system AND it's the only halter in the world that you can lengthen or shorten while still on the horse and not lose control of him"!
I instantly woke up, sat on the side of my bed, and said, "If there were such a "dream halter" as this, it would indeed revolutionize the equine industry worldwide!"
Three hours later, a friend of mine who builds most of the garbage and concrete trucks in America called. I asked him what project he was working on, and he proceeded to tell me that he was working with his engineers designing a robot to do welding on his tankers. I was so surprised that I asked, "You have engineers who design robots?" Then he said to me, "Danny, there's nothing my guys can't design!"
Wow, I got so excited I started telling him about my early morning dream.
Well, the long story short . . . I made a prototype, flew to Minnesota . . .
And the rest is history!

Imagine a halter:
  • With an instant-catch locking system!
  • That prevents losing control of your horse while lengthening or shortening it, while on the horse!
  • That doesn't require you taking your gloves off in the winter while installing it!
  • So easy that physically challenged equine lovers can put on and take off by themselves!
  • So easy a 3-year-old old child can place it on their miniature ponies all by themselves!
  • That's made in America!
  • With all stainless steel parts!
  • That will last for years to come!

  • Well here it is!
    Introducing the World's Best Halter . . .
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